Find your voice on Twitter

Would Twitter be more useful to you if you immediately knew what conversations were occurring that were relevant to you?

We think this process should not take months (or years) of trial and error, finding which people to follow, and slowly increasing your follower count. After all that effort, there is still no guarantee that new conversations have not emerged which you really should be involved with.

Neither should this process assume that you are only interested in the same single topic month in, month out. (Personally I get really irritated by this).

We are also opposed to spam and spam bots, and neither are we fond of automated ad optimisation engines. These indiscriminate machines are abusing the medium, alienating users from your brand, and may ultimately destroy the medium (as they did with INN).

We have a vision of an intelligent message highway, where anyone, whether a new user or a veteran, can describe in their own words what they are interested in today. The gateway will then connect them with the most relevant conversations, whether they used the best keywords and hashtags or not. We call this smart content delivery.

So in this vision, anyone can immediately tune in to an interesting thread, listen for a while to get on the same page, and then join in appropriately. Like joining a conversation at a cocktail party without looking like an idiot.

We believe that you cannot communicate effectively without listening.

We also believe that effective communication should be democratic - not just the preserve of big brands.

To make this a reality, we have created the narratif engine for smart content delivery. We connect people with content that is relevant to their immediate need, in real time, and when they don't really know how to find it for themselves.

To get this vision on the road, we have placed the narratif engine alongside Twitter.

We are excited to launch two gateways to this message highway:

narratif Discover 

Discover has a keyword search interface, but delivers far more than a keyword search. This is great if you are curious about a general topic or a name, and want to find relevant conversations to join. You can access the Discover gateway here.

narratif Place

Place is designed for people who have a story to tell - it could be a press release, a blog, a recipe, a newspaper article, or just a tweet that is important.

Place lets you enter your story text, and then connects you with Twitter conversations that are relevant to one or more themes within your story, and are ongoing within the last 7 days. You can then quickly review any relevant conversations, and see if your story and language are appropriate and sympathetic to the thread.You can see who are the thought leaders in the thread, and the key ideas.

Of course there might not be any good conversation matches to your message at a given time, but it is important to know that so you can either recast your message, or come back at another time.

The Place gateway is here.


We are really excited by the promise of a message highway, with smart message delivery. The promise of easily connecting with the conversations you actually need right now, involving people from all over the world, is compelling. We hope to see you out there.

Andrew E. Smith

Andrew is a co-founder and Chief Scientist of narratif and has over 15 years of experience in text analytics.