7 steps to promote your blog on Twitter with narratif Place

1. Know your audience

Find and follow people with similar interests and follow back when someone follows you. Search on your blog post content using narratif Place to find relevant conversations happening on Twitter right now. Reach out to people who are influential within those conversations by following them or favoriting their tweets.

2. Research keywords

Each tweet is only 140 characters, so make every word count by including keywords that your audience are already using in active Twitter conversations. Select a conversation in Place that matches your blog content to see the top keywords for that conversation. 

3. Select active hashtags

Include one or two active, topic-specific hashtags to boost your visibility with your target audience. Twitter recommends no more than two hashtags per tweet, so avoid overloading your tweet with too many hashtags, or with hashtags that are ineffective. Place recommends hashtags that are popular within the conversations matching your blog post. You can also use Place to search for a specific hashtag to see the broader conversations associated with that hashtag.

4. Include visuals

Tweets with images attract more attention and are more likely to be retweeted and favorited. When promoting primarily visual blog posts, try entering a description of the key ideas your image communicates into Place to find the related conversations. Use the suggested keywords and hashtags in your tweet to make it easier to find your image through searches.

5. Use Twitter cards

Twitter cards that display automatically when you post a link to your posts are a great way to highlight your content, and to squeeze more information into your tweet. Card plugins are available for many blog platforms. Find out more about Twitter Cards CMS integration here.

6. Tweet regularly

It's ok to tweet about each post more than once! Try using different keywords and hashtags and tweeting at different times of the day to target different conversations to reach a wider audience. Place charts the volume of each conversation over time to help you decide when to join each conversation.

7. Keep the conversation going

Stay engaged with the conversation to see what people thought about your post, reply to feedback and get ideas for your next post!  Place finds Twitter conversations in real-time, so you can keep searching on your content over time to see how the conversation has changed, and find interesting tweets to retweet or reply to, to continue the conversation.

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