Announcing ... A Visual Digest of Twitter.

narratif is very pleased to announce a live, visual summary of the top breaking stories on Twitter.

As part of our vision of an accessible and effortless Twitter experience, we have been working to create a living summary of the most important stories. This summary is organised as a card deck, so it is easy to understand and explore. The summary is generated automatically and frequently - seeing how the stories break and change over time is fascinating. In fact, understanding how the nature of the conversation on Twitter can alter completely in a matter of an hour makes it clear that there is no social medium quite like it.

Our summary is not biased or delayed by human curation. This is pure Twitter.

Each story card is in fact a gateway to explore the many conversations related to that story, simply flip the card, then use the magnifying glass buttons to drill deep into the related stories, or search the back-story on Twitter or in Google.

Shortly, you will also be able to subscribe to the breaking stories summary, or summaries of your own customised searches in Discover or Place. This will allow you to receive regular updates in your email, and travel back in time to see the conversations you missed. More soon on this.

To access narratif Trends, please click here.