Three Rules for Trending on Twitter

If you understand the mechanism hidden behind "trends" and "trending", it is possible to develop a more profound understanding of how to influence wider audiences on social media platforms like Twitter. However, in order to gain a better perspective on the emerging trends and follow their development, the most effective and insightful way to do so is with the help of narratif's Trends application, which allows you to see not only the global trending topics, but also the conversations evolving around them. 

It does not matter whether the newest trend is the Taylor Swift vs. Apple scandal, or the juiciest celebrity fathers day celebration insights; trends tend to occupy a large portion of our daily discussions, both in real life and social media. So in order to boost one's credibility in any Twitter conversation, and to understand the potential impact, it is necessary to follow the present trends. 

Before diving directly into Twitter, be aware that it is actually very difficult to see how any particular content ever manages to go viral among the 500 million tweets posted every day and 9,457 every second. So the question remains: what are the features which allow some posts to attract such immense attention?

The process of trend development usually follows a similar pattern of preconditions:

1. The Happening
The difference between a trend and a popular story is the fact that trends are popular in real-time, meaning there is a groundbreaking event which attracts some attention at a certain point of time, rather than a over a longer period. narratif Trends is effective at collecting the story and the backstory into one convenient timeline, so you can understand it.

2. Widespread
In order for a story to reach a trend potential it has to encompass a large number of tweeters. For example, the FIFA World Cup would not achieve the trend status in Twitter if not for the football lovers worldwide following and tweeting about the event. narratif Trends finds and quantifies the influencers in the given story, based on their actual involvement and their reach. 

3. Dramatical increase
This is where a lot of the potential trends lose their momentum, for within the Twitter algorithm one of the preconditions of a #hashtag or a mention to become a trend is the dramatical increase in the people engaged in the topic, in comparison to the baseline conversation. narratif Trends quantifies and charts the evolution of the whole story, so you can understand the key turning points.

If these preconditions are fulfilled than a topic has the utmost possibility of becoming a trend.