Discover and understand the important conversations on Twitter

narratif Discover brings context to Twitter conversations by providing you with searches based on your topic of interest, in real time. You can search and monitor Twitter for popular opinion about topics as they are unfolding. Find the people and influencers most active around your topic.

Greatly reducing the time it would take using traditional social media monitoring tools, narratif Discover cuts through the noise to find you the exact conversation you're looking for in a visually easy to follow platform.

Current EVENTS

Get the complete picture and context for local and global events as they happen. Easily find the different threads, opinions and people talking about today's news.



Discover conversations about your brand, products, industry or competitors. Understand the complete story, influence the conversation and track how the story changes.


Follow the leading trends on a specific or a broad range of areas, from fashion to technology. Quickly find the latest conversations and the influential people in the topics that are important to you.


Corporate affairs

Track conversations about topics concerning your organisation and its reputation. Identify opinion leaders and influencers, as well as industry, government, and shareholder issues. 


narratif Discover completely changes the way Twitter is utilised. We are focused on delivering a great user experience for discovering conversations about a topic on Twitter and we're pleased to invite you to try narratif Discover, our first product.