narratif Insight discovers and communicates the meaning of real-time streams of customer intelligence, as they happen

Any source, any language

In the modern connected and social world, enterprise intelligence can arrive 24x7 via multiple channels and in multiple languages. This can include internal channels such as help desk logs and team communications.

Automatic discovery

New threats can emerge rapidly at any time. Discovery of unknown unknowns is just as important as monitoring key performance indicators. Language can change as rapidly as it takes an activist to invent a campaign hashtag, or a storm to disrupt services. The meaning of a fragment of user feedback can change dramatically in the light of subsequent events. Situation and context are vital to a deep understanding any user comment. 


Real time data mining and charting are important for optimising systems and for problem solving or root cause analysis. Customer journeys are narratives that unfold in time. Understanding this narrative is vital for acting to improve processes.

narratif Insight ensures you know what you want to know and what you need to know from your aggregated customer intelligence.


Continuous Insight: narratif technology was designed from the ground up to utilise continuous data streams and produce continuous situation awareness for its users. We are excited by seeing customer journeys unfold as they happen. narratif’s cognitive learning is real-time and adaptive. 

Discovery: Finds, explores, and charts the themes emerging from real-time customer feedback.

Collation of Qualitative Data: The system automatically collates large quantities of feedback data into small numbers of thematic stories. This makes it very easy to understand the situation without - having to read through large numbers of comments, or trying to interpret complex graphs and networks.



Deep Empathy: narratif performs deep discovery on enterprise intelligence to provide qualitative insights as well as quantitative trend analysis. narratif specialises in quickly communicating emerging patterns of meaning from the data to the user.

Profiling: Allows you to interactively segment the data by any demographic variables, and then the system discovers the themes from the selected segment in any chosen time period.

Mining for Root Causes: Uses real time machine learning to find semantic correlates for any term you search for. This lets you see what attributes are front-of-mind for your customers around any aspect of your business, over any selected time period. Track backward from an event to find its cause.



Enterprise Intelligence across Multiple Data Sources: Offers a large range of data source connectors, including CSV, email, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. narratif’s cognitive learning works in any language.

Zero Curation or Setup of Knowledge Graphs or Category Dictionaries: Semantic graphs and categories are discovered in real-time, so they are always fresh and accurate. If required, users can customise and save queries for tracking, but these are always curated automatically by the system whenever they are used, to minimize the maintenance overhead and maximize the accuracy of your situation tracking and insights.

Monitoring: Adaptively searches for the issues you want to track, and charts them over time.