narratif Place FAQs

WhaT is narratif PLACE?

narratif Place is a tool for finding your voice on Twitter.

How does it work?

narratif Place takes your story - whether it is a press release, blog post, article, or even a tweet - and builds a signature of its meaning. Place then searches our Twitter feed to find similar conversations which are happening, in real time. It shows you what parts of your story contain ideas which resonate with Twitter conversations, so you could refine your copy if you wish.

You can review the gist of each conversation, by scanning the most relevant tweets. This really helps you appreciate the nuanced meaning of a conversation, and decide whether and how you should join in.

You can also see a chart which shows how each conversation is trending.

Place finds and ranks the influential Twitter authors within each relevant conversation based on their latest contributions and also their follower count. You can immediately engage with these influencers by seeing their tweets on this topic, liking them, following them, and retweeting them.

Place also shows you the hash tags and keywords which are important for each conversation.

You can save your own directory of important mentions, hash tags, and keywords for each project.

When you are ready, you can use these key terms to optimise your own tweets (or Twitter ads) to make sure you are reaching the right audience.


do you have access to the complete twitter firehose?

No, we have a connection into Twitter's Decahose stream which gives us an unfiltered, unbiased 10% sample of all the tweets published on Twitter. 

In addition to the Decahose, we have complete coverage of all the tweets by the major global news agencies such as @AP, @BBCNews, @Bloomberg, @CNBC,@FT, @Reuters, @WSJbreakingnews, @guardian, @mashable, @nytimes and many more.

We also have over 1,000 influential Twitter users which we have complete coverage for. This list includes influential people and companies in the fashion, food, retail, finance, technology and media industries. 

What time period can I search?

By default the search window is the last 5 days, in the advanced search you can select up to 7 days. 

Is the search case sensitive?

Yes, our search is case sensitive as it makes it easier to search for things like Shell (oil) instead of (sea) shells. So Place pays attention to the proper names in your story.

Why has something changed in the interface or results?

During our beta period we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our users. If you don't like a change or would like to see something different, please let us know and we'll see what we can do.

How do I submit feedback?

You can use the contact form here, send an email to, or use the Seed Feedback form on the bottom right corner of the screen.